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Wednesday | Wine Down & have Chocolate

Happy Hump Day!

Every week brings about a new chance to outdo the one that came before.

We wake up with new ideas, goals, and expectations for ourselves, which by the middle of the week may leave us feeling a bit overwhelmed.

This week I will be dropping tips each day that will help you turn your focus inward - even if just for a moment - to regain your thoughts and keep you going. So let's get started!

Happy Wednesday!

You deserve a Piece of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine for making it halfway through the week. Check out a few reasons you may just want to pull a chair and relax for a few before continuing your week.

Photo by Charisse Kenion

Photo by Charisse Kenion

The doctor prescribes an apple a day and Chocolate? Science says, Yes. A piece of dark chocolate to be specific is ok to consume daily. Here are 5+ reasons you can stop hiding your chocolate bar in your desk or in your side night table stand.

The key words here is the type of chocolate they recommend and how much they suggest for us to consume.

Dark chocolate is known to not only known to boost your mood, but it contains the antioxidants and the nutrition needed to benefit the heart. It’s suggested that if we decide to drive into this dark delicacy we should only have 1- 2 ounces per day day [ which is about 1 cube ]. That is enough for this sweet snack to provide our bodies the health benefits without being effected by its sugar or caloric intake.

Snacking on dark chocolate helps to:

Control Blood Pressure: With it’s cocoa compound that contains flavonoids, dark chocolate is able to help induce a regulated and healthy blood flow. Magnesium and copper are also present in dark chocolate, to work to produce nitric acid ( which helps to stabilize blood pressure).

Cures Anemia: The flavonoids in dark chocolate also helps to increase blood flow to the brain and heart. Dark chocolate is also an excellent source of iron with each serving of chocolate containing about 3.5 mg of iron.

Controls Hair Loss + Prevents Scalp Infection: with the increase of blood flow that is traveling to the head, your scalp will too reap the benefits of chocolates sensation. Chocolate ignites hair growth and its anti-inflammatory properties help to prevent scalp infections.


Improves Memory Loss: When dark chocolate is sourced from the cocoa bean, it is said to have extraordinary brain functionality benefits. The reason for this being the increase in blood flow to the brain from the flavonoid compounds found in the chocolates cocoa bean.

Protects Skin from UV Rays: having a piece of dark chocolate per day can help to prevent sunburn and also shield from the risks of skin cancer.

  • Chocolate also helps to: Increase eyesight, speed up metabolism, and help fight wrinkles.


Roses are red, violets are blue….the doctor says we can have wine, CHEERS to us two?!

Photo by Kelsey Knight

Photo by Kelsey Knight


You heard that correctly. According to scientific research, when we consume red wine in moderation it offers our sober bodies a boat load of benefits.

The key here is to have red wine and to make sure to drink responsibly [ and with ‘responsible’ guest ], because the overconsumption of alcoholic beverages is still hazardous.

Getting drunk isn’t the only caution to having red wine, though. This grape fruit cocktail may be loaded with antioxidants, but be mindful that it is also loaded with calories. The average dry wine contains 4 grams of sugar per liter and the average sweet wine usually contains about 45 grams of sugar per liter [ which is equivalent to 6 grams per glass ].

Due to taste preference, I usually end up going for a nice medium dry wine which can range anywhere from 4 to 12 grams of sugar per liter [ which is about .5 to 2 grams per glass ]. And even that is still a lot is what i’m realizing.

But back to its pro’s.

Red wine originates from grapes, who in themselves, contain several antioxidants from the inside of it, to its skins. Some of its antioxidants include resveratrol which provides anti-aging properties and heart-healthy benefits. Similar to the cocoa in chocolate, red wine also contains flavonoids which are great compounds that reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma, and strokes.

So, what else is red wine really good for?

Lowering Cholesterol Levels: Due to the resveratrol in red wine, having a glass of red wine per day can dramatically lower your cholesterol levels. According to studies, it has been tested that having a glass of red wine for four weeks can boost your cholesterol levels by 16 percent and reduce fibrinogen ( a component that forms clotting ) by 15 percent! How’s that for doctors a approval?

[ You heard this here: Drink red wine with while you eat your dark meats. The compounds found in red wine help prevent you from even ingesting harmful compounds that c an get into your system and lower cholesterol levels. This is certainly a fun fact to bring up at the dinner table ]

Red wine

Promotes Longevity: Red wine is a real-life turn up in a glass. The resveratrol not only lowers cholesterol but also works to increase your lifespan by as much as 60 percent. Although this research has only been conducted on worms, scientist believe similar effects can be seen in humans. But honestly, imagine that, what would you do with all the extra time on your hands?

Other health benefits red wine contributes towards are: Bone strength, Strengthening the immune system, boosting levels of omega-3 fatty acids, Boosting brain and liver health, enhancing lung functions + more.

Alleviates Stress: Although you can get the same results from eating your fruits and vegetables, wed wine is perfect with helping to combat stress and alleviate tension. I suggest you don’t use this as a remedy to out-drink your stress, but a glass or two should help to alleviate some of the weight off your shoulders.

Note: The best way to have the wine is with your dinner and not right before you sleep.

Prevents Tooth Decay: Red wine has great dental benefits. Proven to prevent cavities and the streptococcus bacteria that is usually found inside of cavities, red wine is filled with bacteria fighting micronutrients called polyphenols. The only down fall that may arise [ as these micronutrients are fighting to block your teeth from acidic and bad bacterias] , is that the red wine’s deep rich color may stain your teeth a bit in the process.

Promotes Thick Hair : Red wine helps to stimulate a proper flow of blood and oxygen around the body and therefore the head. This helps to push circulation towards your scalp and therefore drives your hair follicles to growth long, thick, and healthy.

Fights Acne: The resveratrol in red wine contain great properties that slow down the growth of bacteria on our skin that causes acne. Similar to hair, that circulation and of blood, oxygen, and antioxidants to the skin does our face well. It also holds Anti-aging properties and leaves your skin glowing!

  • Red wine also helps to: battle depression, improve sleep, reduce the risk of developing cataracts + more.

There are ton of great benefits that can lead us to enjoy a nice piece of chocolate and a glass of red wine. The doctor may not have blatantly written it down on a prescription pad for you or me, but after all my research, I think it’s ok to call these two healthy stress relievers a GO!

What will be your healthy excuse to binge these sweet delicacies this week? Comment below!