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Tuesday | Journaling and Jotting Ideas

Happy Tuesday!

Every week brings about a new chance to outdo the one that came before.

We wake up with new ideas, goals, and expectations for ourselves, which by the middle of the week may leave us feeling a bit overwhelmed.

This week I will be dropping tips each day that will help you turn your focus inward - even if just for a moment - to regain your thoughts and keep you going. So let's get started!

So Again ...Happy Tuesday !!

Are you someone who thinks of journaling as a form or self-care or simply a waste of time because you perceive it as corny?

Photo By Estee Janssens

Photo By Estee Janssens


I’m here to tell you that having the space to jot down your goals and ideas, or maybe even to process your emotions are all great reasons to journal. Journaling gives you a space to commit your thoughts to paper and get a visual of your visions. After it’s all written down, it then becomes easy to build on your ideas, because you can pick up where you last left off. [ This is a great way to track progress and get a sense of accomplishment as you see just how much you’ve done. ]

Note: You don’t have to become a crazy journal writer over night, but, science has proved that journaling at least once to twice per week is enough to begin to see the benefits.

If you haven’t already started a journal for this year, I’m here to give you

7 styles of journals you can start today!

Photo By Freshh Connection

Photo By Freshh Connection

1| Gratitude Journal - Gratitude journals give us the opportunity to stop and recall large or small victories, blessings, friend and family influences, and more. There are tons of things to be grateful for, and writing them out aids as a mood booster and confidence builder. When you write out your gratitudes with a heart humble, you are able to lower stress levels, gain a greater sense of calamity and establish new levels of clarity for yourself.

2| Planning/Creativity Journal - This journal is best for jotting down goals and ideas, new and old. The key is to also jot down a plan on how you intend to execute them. In a way, this journal represents the written form of an inspiration board. [This doesn’t mean you can’t add pictures and stickers ] This journal will help you to visualize your vision, and make drawing conclusions and spotting changes easier.

3| Personal Development Journal - Sometimes it’s good to keep record of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you plan to go. Self-exploration is the greatest journey we all face, so why not take the time to pat ourselves on the back every now and then. Look at how far we’ve come! We are evolutionary creatures who are constantly undergoing change - therefore there are a lot of things to recount.

Jot down all your daily/weekly/monthly accomplishments, rather big or small, because those are the moments that shape you. I also like to make it to write out when things don’t go as planned that way I can: [1] have a conversation with myself to check my mood [2] figure out how things went wrong and write things out how I remember them happening [3] plan how I’m going to change the situation or get past it. Growth is the main objective of this journal.

Photo by Aaron Burden

Photo by Aaron Burden

4| Quick Journal - This is a pretty cool journal to keep. This journal is for those who don’t have enough time to write out a full passage entry. A quick journal allows you to jot down one sentence summing up your day, your mood, our what’s on your mind. You can also scale that down to writing one adjective about the day or your mood instead.

[ I think everyone should keep this kind of journal, just because you can use it to describe yourself in new beautiful terms or you can eventually stitch all the sentences together and have something cool to read back at the end of the year. Now thinking of it… challenge accepted! ]

5| Travel Journal - Do you like to travel to different countries, places, and spaces? even if your a concert hopper or a new shops scavenger? This style of journal is for you.

There are lessons to be learned everywhere you go, whether your travels are on a small or grand scale. So instead of risking forgetting your ventures and experiences, jot it down. Write down what made you laugh, what made you cry or what made you stop and think twice, whatever it is you feel. How you remember your experiences are delicately personal, so what you write or don’t write is up to you.

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski

6| Time Capsule - This journal is one that I would actually like to start soon in the form of a scrapbook. This journal is best at marking down special dates in your life that occur as well as events that are considered moments to remember in history. This can become a cool book of “throwbacks” you and your family/friends share in the future.

7| Dream Journal - Do you believe that some dreams do come true? Well how would you know if you aren’t taking the time to understand them?! A dream journal is one that should be filled out every morning as soon as you wake up to make sure you capture as much detail from the dream that you can remember. From there, you can use dream dictionaries and online index’s to review the meaning behind your sleepy subconscious.

What are your dreams telling you?

What will you journal about today?

Tell us below!

Photo by Angelina Litvin

Photo by Angelina Litvin