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Sunday | Meditate

Happy Sunday!

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I hope you all are as blessed and excited as I am to enter another full week of opportunities! [ Idk why January always seems to take so long to get through?!…just watch, tomorrow will be October, smh. ]

Every week brings about a new chance to outdo the one that came before.

We wake up with new ideas, goals, and expectations for ourselves, which by the middle of the week may leave us feeling a bit overwhelmed.

This week I will be dropping tips each day that will help you turn your focus inward - even if just for a moment - to regain your thoughts and keep you going. So let's get started!

Sunday | Meditate:

Take ten minutes to sit comfortably with your feet either firmly planted [ if you're seated in a chair ] or crossed [ if sitting in the floor ]. Make sure to have your shoulders and arms relaxed, and your eyes either fixated or closed [ your preference ].

Once you have taken these steps to your achieve the proper body posture you are ready to calm your mind and your breathing.

[ I like to meditate when I wake up in the morning - during those first lazy minutes of the day. This helps me set my intentions and mood. ]

meditation girl

8 Reasons to mediate:

- Meditation lowers stress levels

- If done daily can reverse the aging process

- Helps to improve memory strength

- Boost creativity and helps to develop new ideas

- Allows time to process emotions

- Helps to reduce and stabilize substance abuse

- Protects against mental health conditions

- Helps to reduce anxiety


Test it out and try the benefits for yourself &

Let me know how it goes below!