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Clutter Clean Up - Clear Off Your Desk!

Clean Off Your Desk

Happy clean off your desk day!

Yes, this is actually a “thing.”

…and before I find myself getting hypocritical and judging the fact that 'cleaning your desk' is a national ‘day’ - I had to check myself by glancing over at my own workspace. By no surprise, I realized that national holiday’s like this are made for people like myself.

I’m not sure if it was the influx winds of the new year or jumping into my projects with haste, but somewhere between the two, a tornado hit my desk [ and that’s the excuse I’m sticking to ].

If your anything like me, your workspace can only handle but so much of a pile-up before you can’t even focus or be productive in that space.

So it’s time to eliminate the distractions.

After binge-watching the expert clutter-cleaner, Marie Kondo, on the new Netflix series “Tidying up" I learned a ton of tips that are perfect for getting your space back into control:

1| STEP ONE: Remove everything from your desk and space :

First sort the supplies and miscellaneous items into like item piles

2| STEP TWO: Only keep a few of each item.

In the words of M. Kondo, “only keep the things that spark joy.”

3| STEP THREE: Organize your items back in your workspace where the things that bring you the most joy are most visible and everything else is sectioned off into small organized containers. Every item should have a “home” [ A place where it can always be found ]

Try to keep things like pens and pencils in arms reach and your counter space as clear as possible.

Pencil storage

Note: Think up! If you need, add additional floating shelves for more storage space.

4| STEP FOUR: The paper chase. Organize your papers into labeled piles for easy sorting and later filing.

The categories that I generally sort my papers into are:

save forever,

save for seven years,

shred, mail, and

most used.

From there I am able to sort them down into smaller piles and section them off into folders and place those folders into a compact bin.

5| STEP FIVE: Decorate and add color and proper lighting to your space and enjoy!

Tip: Place desk near natural light

Tip: Place desk near natural light

The backsplash for my desk is my vision board. with my desk being where I get the bulk of my work done, I thought it best to keep my goals close, to keep me motivated.

More Desk Ideas:

Personality Plus x I personally have a weird obsession with office supplies, from pens of all colors, to index cards, to clips and notebooks. LOL, so practically everything!

What are your must have office supplies?