A Lovers Dream

Lovers Dream

If I could rewind time 

I'd press pause somewhere betwen 

Where I was yours and you were mine 

Where our time lines intertwined

From night-time to daytime 

A non-fictitious paradigm 


If only a lover could dream in reality...

& be able to turn vivid visions 3-d 

showing you a side a little more carefree

That yields laughs, kisses, endless possibilities 


I'm living for sweet moments and palm trees 

Summer nights, listening to humming bees 

Sippin' colada under a sunny breeze

Savoring in the fact it all came with ease 


So i'm taking a pause on sweet beginnings...


These Mystical Happenings 

with uncertain winnings..

I'm taking a second to dwell in the now 

Dreaming a lovers dream aloud.

Who knows what will be next ?

For we can only be certain of now.