Effortlessly You

Effortlessly You

I could stare at that smile all day...

and never get tired.

you're marvelous...

truly a sight to see

that perfectly chiseled smile, that captures me

throwing me off balance,  && weakend to my knees

until I'm caught

by the gaze in your eyes...

there's a sense of safeness there


let us lie…


no fears...


Indulging in not knowing each other for real

we’re left making silent deals

if I let you slide it to me left,

can we make it right?


I'm wanting this just as much as you…

the wanting to let go,

your mind has become my secret vacation

safe to say you're my current fixation



Genuinely you... 

smile so true

and your brains too!

I just want a piece 

and maybe just a bite

of You