I could mutter a million words

that say I miss you

but they would slip past your ears, 

and roll over your shoulder

Before even being heard.

It's absurd

how quickly the mind can get wrapped up

in fictional fantasies and what if we could be's

after only one encounter.

your rarity one I rarely encounter

but you hang on to accounts of her

and I’m back to second-guessing this

am I sure I miss this?

do I even know what this... is?

strangers by sight 

but overnight 

we’d become familiar with touch.

I am trying to do just enough 

to catch your attention

all without doing too much

because…you're different 

and should be treated as such

so I miss you...

and I don’t say that like it's

an easy feeling to chew 

I’m just waiting until you feel 

you miss me too