Picking up the pen

Pick up the pen

It’s been too long since i’ve last picked up the pen

I’ve been too busy rewriting my reality, 

Tryna’ ‘Right' out my sins

Guess you can say… I’ve changed

Rearranged…  a few things and came back better

Confidence on my sleeve, 

Finally my favorite sweater.

Better weather, when i’m with you

But i'm ok when we’re apart

It gives me time to grind,

&& put meaning to this fresh start


I've learned a lot… grown even

I know now how to move even through the toughest of seasons

Seasoned enough to know better 

& humble enough to do better

My lines now carry character, 

With a bit of sentimental value behind every letter.


I learned only the best things happen in time
So i’m slowin’ down the pace to enjoy what's mine

& to this, that, those, and them

I learned that all things rushed will quickly come to an end

Better to wait it out, than to be a pump fake and pretend

Like I don't already carry all the necessary tools for success within

So just like that, i'm getting back to the pen
Cause this is just the start

to where by story begins.