Stick To Your Roots

Stick to your Roots

Young girl with the curly hair,

Eyes low cause life ain't fair,

Having people ask - if your okay?

As if they have a hint for a care.

When you walk

they're givin' you long stares

Cause you're curvaceously divine, with melanin that glares

        They can't handle that

So they'll feed lies to your insecurities 

But don't make the enemy your inner me


I'm here to pass along this - little tid bit,

that with a little faith, all those negative thoughts can easily be dismissed

You have the power to be just as good as them, if not better

So how dare you marry new dreams !

Do away with your scarlet letters ! 

instead, plot twist it for your actors and imitators,

it's YOUR story, be the illustrator !


Time to rise above your doubtful thoughts

and b r e a k through barriers, no matter the cost!

Grab God by your side so you won't get lost

and don't stop until all your T's are crossed.


Don't forget that Onyx and Diamond birthed you

So, it's going to take heat and pressure to mold you

you have the shine that miners look to

so, lets show them that through coal,

light can shine through


Don't get caught in temporary situations

Just think back to your strong foundations

you're a pearl baby girl

you bring beauty and radiance into this world

so don't for a second make them doubt your crown

there's so much beauty dripping

from the beauty of your brown.