Afraid to Love

Afraid of loving you

Would it be okay to say I'm afraid of loving you?

I'm afraid to lend you my loyalty.

Because I don't know where your intentions lie

cause men... you... l i e

Not saying women don't... but, we usually have a purpose ?

But it's with purpose ... we find ourselves afraid.

Afraid of falling victim to your charm...

Afraid of lending over our hearts...

Because vulnerable and tender they are..

How you tend for it

How you protect it

&& How you Love it 

Is solely up to your jurisdiction.

&& that's... why I'm scared of loving you.

Because, when I lend you my heart

I give with it the strings 

that control the patterns of my hearts emotions,

thoughts, and even physical being...

so would it be okay to say 

I'm afraid of loving you?