Stop Trippin'

Stop Trippin

Woke up today with an epiphany

that i've got to fight this ongoing battle within me

it's time for me to turn my focus within

and in short,

just  Stop Trippin'


Something's telling me…

you're close to fulfilling your destiny

so Ignore what you think they think of you

and trying to confine to societal views


But not only do I need to take my own advice,

I need make my work, my vice

it's time for me to walk the walk

and get active

I have to put in that good overtime,

write out the guidelines, and begin to practice.

I need to let go of the negativity

show the world there's a lot more to give of me

and in the process,

just  Stop Trippin'


I’ve also got to stop love trippin'

over dudes with false views,

who are all talk with no moves.

Foolin’ myself.

I'm playing matchmaker through rose-colored glasses.

knowing that before I even stepped in,

the relation would be short lasted.

Now i'm left

stressed out

lit up & loud blastin'

over fake everlastings

when all in all I should've just

Stopped trippin... 


When the time is right and I got my life

I know he'll find his way by my side

i'm too younging to be thinkin 'wife'

so for now, let the music cyph...


I just need to remind myself i'm better than this.

that seasons will change from winter to summer's bliss.

so for now, just believe there's no better time than this.

cause if i'm alive, there's gotta be more to this...

so just take it easy,

and don't trip.