Find the Beauty In Me

Find the Beauty In Me

Call me beautiful

A beauty that’s more than skin deep

Love me for something that no one else can see

A treasure that's a true finders keep

Find the beauty in me..

Unravel the deep complexities 

that stir up my mind at night

In the dark, be my sight

&& just… for… a second

Hold me tight… 

Breathe me in until you find the very essence of me

And then ask why,

‘Why?’ you ask

'why has she clung to your grasp?

As if her heart isn’t made of glass?'

Once broken but build to last 

She understands love isn't all glitter and fun 

and that her story has yet begun 

So she remains calculated

Pencil in hand, && words sharp as a gun.

She’s equipt with knowledge

but not easily distracted by just anyone


Find the beauty in me..


Protect it like a treasure

Molded through pressure, 

This diamond is no longer obscure

Let your words be the cure

Through the coldest of winds

be my defense

I'm allowing you in

So don't take advantage

because this hearts roughed through

more fights than it can manage

But if you took your time to assess the damage

You’d find it shocking to believe

She's still a hopeless romantic.