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... An Example to Be Followed or Imitated ... 


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Do You have what it takes to be a Role Model? 

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Model me. 

In a world where everyone is a follower of someone or being followed, it can be said that we all carry influential or impressionable characteristics and traits that others can learn from. 

Model Me. 

Opens the door to the conversation that you have with yourself and within the community, you dwell to answer exactly how you plan to be an example or an influence to those around you. Whether it be in the way you carry yourself or your skilled craft, we all contain gems within us. 

Model Me. 

In order to interrupt the systemic cycle in which we live and create change in the world around us, we must first break the mold by realizing the power we contain. By first pinpointing the strengths we possess, we are better pioneered to help those around us while simultaneously defining our purpose. 

Model Me. 

By doing or merely being. 


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It’s really important for young athletes to have mentors, and anyone really. I feel like even if you’re a doctor you have to learn and go under the tutelage of someone. My version is just by example. I think the greatest way to teach is by example and that’s kind of how I try to do it
— Serena Williams, 'Queen'

The Bigger Picture

Charity Help Model Me

‘MODEL ME’ is partnering with Caribbean charity associations to spread love and awareness  through a healthy system of community outreach both here and abroad. With every purchase, a percentage of each sale will help fund: clothing, clean water, food or shelter for someone less fortunate. 

One thing we can always be certain of is ourselves and that's half the battle. Join us in becoming a 'MODEL', by  defining our purpose in what we can contribute to the world around us. 

Thank you in advance for your care, time, and quality influence!