Change x Taking the First Step


The Beginning is the most important part of the work. -Plato

Setting sail or getting started is always the hardest part of embarking on a new journey, because the path that lies ahead is unknown. Rather than deciding how or when, we should (more often) dive both feet in using our intuition. How often do we visit the same restaurant and repeat our order verbatim because we are scared of the new dish not meeting our standards, wasting our money, or not sounding practical compared to what we're used to? I know I do. But, suggest we stepped outside of our comfort zone to try something different. Who knows? We just might have bitten into new favorite piece of heaven that day - but only change would have allowed us to explore that delectable alternative.

Well, Here we Go…

With no more holding back and a game plan in motion, I dare myself ( and you my readers ) to reach beyond the borders that have been preset for us- both consciously and unconsciously. We have all been subjected and conditioned to think and act in certain ways. But, I dare you to allow your inputs to be only influences pertaining to the growth of who you aspire to be. Therefore your outputs will be a combination of those influences paired with your distinct personality to make your change and catching personality solely your own. Just remember that our outputs are dependent on our inputs. 

Change can appear to be an unfathomed thought and an even more paralyzing action, but yields the greatest exchange. A lot of goals big or small may seem easier said than done, but that is all talk driven by fear. We allow our fears to get the best of us and steer us away from great opportunities. There are one too many talents and projects we put on the shelf because we are afraid of the outcome or feedback. Well, it’s time to grab the wheel back and steer clear of fear. Imagine a life w i t h o u t fear - What would that look like? What do you look like? Where are you in life and location? What are you wearing? ( and if you're anything like me, What shoes are on your feet? ) Once we let go of fear and doubt we can become the ultimate pioneers of our lives.

In this journey journal we will tackle many obstacles such as self-love, insecurities/Imperfections, love and love lost, and the influences of everything positive. Learning that change begins with recognizing where you are in terms of where you want to be, we can begin to set goals that allow us to take steps towards our divine futures. It is important that we stress our daily inputs, in order to reach our personal idealisms. You never know, one day you might become an influential input yourself in the lives of those around you. But first learning to embrace all the waves of this journey and its unique imperfections alike is key, for it will give rise to our niche that defines the confidence needed to keep this ship afloat.

Embrace x Change. 



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