Spotify and Instagram, A Thing?


Yup. That's right! 


Spotify has now teamed up with Instagram on May 1st to make sharing your favorite tunes that much easier! That means no more hassle trying to screenshot the song then running it over to Instagram to post it. 

This new feature makes the sharing process that much easier. It even removes all the extras that surround the album cover and artist name, providing you tons of space to comment around and customize. 

I don't know about you guys but I'm hype! I love anything that makes any tedious task a little more seamless. Ya' feel me? 

First, make sure you've updated your Spotify app to it's latest version so you can try it for yourself! 

Heres How

First: Open your album/song of choice 

Jhene Aiko Frequency

Second: Click the ellipses adjacent the name of the song/artist you intend to feature

Jhene Aiko Frequency

Third: Choose to [ Share ] your choice

Jhene Aiko Frequency

Fourth: Choose to share the album/song to [ Instagram Stories ] 

Instagram Spotify

Fifth: Customize and POST. 

Instagram Stories

That's literally it guys! Just Five easy steps to start sharing your music!  Whats cool is you can even resize and move the album cover anywhere on the screen! They were really looking out for us guys! 

...What song are you going to share first?! Comment Below!  

Spotify: @So Serée       

Instagram: @SoSeree_J