30 Day x Self Love Challenge

Dec 3.jpg

Hello crisp winter air & cool breeze's through your hair.

Hello chills of holiday hype & love that excites.

Hello December.

December has always reserved a special place in my heart because of where it falls in the year. December is the perfect time for self reflection [ of the year you just had ] and future planning [ for the year you intend to embark on ]. Change, as mentioned in a previous post, is necessary. But in order for change to happen you have to know what you're changing. This means an evaluation of some sort needs to happen. For me that means an evaluation of self through learning to love and appreciate myself a little deeper. Below I have a 30-day Dec. challenge that I invite you all to join in with me. 

(I apologize for sharing so late)

It's best we take a minute to regroup and recharge our batteries. Take this month to manifest and invest in yourself more than you normally would. Let's end this month in our best shape to start a brand new chapter of our lives, come January. 

P.S- I'm not sticking to any particular order as I conquer all 30 missions. Good luck and trust the journey. Choose happiness.



30 Day Self Love Challenge

☐ Log out of social media

☐ Donate

☐ Visit a museum

☐ Take a walk listening to your favorite music

☐ Ask for help when you need it

☐ Read a good Book/ Article - or Spend time at bookstore

☐ Wear something comfortable today

☐ Learn to draw something New

☐ Try a new Food / Drink

☐ Pamper yourself

☐ Take a trip to an unfamiliar place

☐ Go see a movie

☐ Volunteer your time

☐ Do something really unproductive - Binge a show

☐ Meditate

☐ Make a list of everything you are grateful for

☐ Spend time at the library

☐ Do something you've been putting off 

☐ Take your best selfie

☐ Watch a funny movie

☐ Write a love letter to yourself

☐ Text someone you care about to tell them how you feel

☐ Repeat I am Beautiful, I love me, I have all the tools I need to succeed as your day's mantra

☐ Get Crafty - Create a DIY project

☐ Have a no complaint day

☐ Unfollow ppl on social media who do not inspire you

☐ Organize, organize, organize!  - and declutter your space 

☐ Go vegan for the day

☐ Be sure to exercise, take your vitamins, and drink water

☐ Have a phone-free night