Reasons to Eat Healthy

     Memoirs of an EX- Chronic

Junk Food Eater :

Reasons Behind the Change

Healthy Eating

As I continue to learn and mold myself into the best version of me I can be, I’ve been suggested by many of my peers and family alike to take on better dietary habits - embarrassing. I’m someone, sadly to say, who can eat junk food three times a week in bulk and balance it out by opting for water instead of juice to justify my bad decisions. Learning that feeling and being better stems from the inside out, I think it's time for me to make some alterations to better my mood and overall life expectancy. What’s success, if you die once you reach it?

     With this is being said, I encourage you all to join me on this healthy eating venture. This, my friends, will be an interesting challenge, and probably one with many failed attempts, but I'm excited to get started. I will need your help with tips along the way - especially if you are someone who has already embarked down this road. And for those who are just as new to this as I, I figure that if we do this together, we can hold each other accountable while allowing this space to be a source of motivational support. 

     But, before we jump into the nitty-gritty of this healthy food venture, it is essential to establish what led us here to begin with. This way, if there is ever a deterrent, we can use the reasons behind why we started to pull us back on track. [ This is the best way I know how to battle my next encounter with a bacon, egg, and cheese Philly-cheesesteak. ]  

Reasons to Eat Healthily

1. It Makes You Happier

Happy health.jpeg

      Sugars and trans fat-filled foods carry mood altering characteristics. One minute you are filled with instant gratification from the pleasures of the cheesesteak and the next you stuck are wondering how you could be so greedy - in a corner somewhere fighting depression. Don’t let this be you.
    Nutrients such as creatine that can be found in grass-fed beef, as well as the Omega 3’s from fatty fish and Vitamin D in dairy products, are perfect sources that can boost your mood and beat any level depression before it starts. 
    So remember, consistently hydrating your body with water, vitamins, minerals, and protein will keep your body up to speed and capacity to tackle whatever the day may throw at you with grace. 


2. You’ll Be Smarter Because of It

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     Ever heard of brain foods? Foods such as fish, walnuts, and avocados promote better brain functionality and longevity. Whereas, Fried food and trans-fats have opposite effects that act to reduce your cognitive abilities. Bottom line - ‘Don’t allow your brain to get fried. ‘ 
     Not only will you be smarter on a healthier diet, but you will also see an increase in your levels of productivity. With the addition of Vitamin D and Vitamin B into your daily diet, you will gain enough energy to push past those mid-day naps and get more done. With the right balance of protein and whole carbohydrates, researchers purpose that we could keep our blood sugar from wavering or plummeting. This combination will help us to keep our moods and temperments balanced and our minds well fed. 


3. Eat to De-Stress

Eat to Destress

    Foods such as creamy avocado (which is already a personal favorite ) are high in monounsaturated fat and potassium, which is a critical element in lowering blood pressure. So as a snack, if we were to pair it with whole wheat chips, we would be golden. 
   On warmer days, we should opt for an iced green tea rather than coffee or soda. Not only will it provide a boost to our energy, but it will also offer us a chilled and focused level of calamity.  Ahhh 


4. Eat Your Way to Good Health

healthy Eats

   With health deficits such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancers of all sorts haunting our dietary habits, it is essential that we watch what we are putting into our bodies. [ Easier said than done majority of the time ]. No matter your age or weight, we are all equally at risk. Researchers have found that people who eat a handful of nuts every day were 29% less likely to develop and die from heart disease and able to ward off the risk of other health dangers gradually.


5. Lastly - Clear Golden Skin

As our skin is the most significant organ of our bodies, it unapologetically imitates and gives us a direct reflection of how the foods we are consuming are influencing us. When eating for healthy glowy skin, we should try to incorporate more or larger servings of fruit and vegetables into our everyday diet. DRINK WATER- they say, and staying hydrated is a crucial component for achieving clear skin. So let’s try to aim to drink six to eight glasses of water per day, and I’m sure we will begin to see the results in your skin in no time. 


What's your reason behind changing your dietary health habits? Let me know below !