Overcome x Fear

Overcome Fear

With all of my recent endeavors and high-risk ideas, I've found that behind each level of success, was a mountain of fear. Fear is too familiar of an emotion, universal to all, a stepping stone for some, and a road-block for most. It’s a bad place for anyone to be caught in, but not necessarily an eternal death trap. The buck doesn’t stop there! No matter what our fears, or its extent, there is no fear to great to overcome. Just knowing that someone somewhere has experienced what we have gone through, gives us the confidence of knowing that we are not alone. There are plenty of times I've found myself drenched in fear - I practically live in it. But, one thing I always make sure of, is that I don't let it consume me. 

Fear comes in many different shapes, forms, and constructed habitual ideas. There is a name for each and every fear, with some fears being more prevalent than others, such as atelophobia (fear of imperfection), atychiphobia (fear of failure), or monophobia (fear of being alone). This means the fears we are experiencing have been experienced, researched and possibly even overcome by many others - so why not you. As crippling as fear may seem, we tend to make handicapped excuses on its presence, therefore insulting our true means and potentials. 


How many times did you change your outfit for that event, in fear of what others might think?


How often do you silence yourself from speaking up in a wronged situation for you or someone else, or in a protest, or possibly even stand up for yourself when you want or don’t want something? what are you afraid of?


Am I too big? Am I too skinny? too tall? too short? too black? too white? Not pretty enough? not good enough? not smart enough? not fast enough? not ambitious enough? not as creative?


Not this? Not That? Can I? Will I? Is it possible?



Overcome Fear

There are so many overwhelming fears that we let cloud our daily judgment, and therefore impacts the depths of success we can achieve. If we just take a second to silence the noise and just go for whatever we want we will burst into the satisfying realm of - Fearlessness. That, my friends, is the ultimate goal.


At what point did we become so judgemental of ourselves? When faced with a hurdle or a fearful situation we must remember 2 things One implemented by God and the other a powerful proverb:



Psalm 30:5 | Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning. 

[Notice how we are given a time frame of one night. We must not linger on the things that fear us because then time will pass us by. Before you know it, you would have either missed an opportunity or run your sense of self dry. So if you need to take a moment to cry, do so. But quickly pick yourself back up and keep going]



 “ This too shall pass "

[Nothing last forever, use fear to fuel you, and regain strength with each overcome obstacle]


It’s time to silence those thoughts and achieve our dreams. We need to stop allowing fear to manipulate us into denying or calling our dreams fantasies because realistically, they can come true.  Anything you work hard for, with repetition and passion, can be attainable. So I challenge both you and me to close our eyes and run fast towards our goals as if fear is a just fictional manifestation with no effect. Of course, there will be high-risk endeavors that will appear to possibly disappoint you; But I believe that the biggest fear and disappointment would be to not have even tried.

Who knows what levels and heights you can reach! If we let fear stop us now, we would have buried our own graves and ended our dreams prematurely. Simply thinking about our purpose, and constantly asking and answering ourselves the question ‘WHY’ do we want what we want should be 'amo' enough to power through fearful moments. If someone out there has done it, there's no reason why we can’t as well. Plus, there’s no battle too great for God. If we can’t battle it, He will.  

Overcome Fear