Declutter x Less is More

declutter 2.png

Although we are currently sitting in weather that feels as though it could be in the single digits, I want to reminisce on a warmer time. This past summer I was blessed with the humbling experience of spending some time in the Virgin Islands. From the warming love of the sun to the clarity of the water, everything was so organic and pure! The people were so carefree and inviting, that everywhere felt like home. I was in the midst of so much peace and far from the hustle and bustle of the city! This experience opened my eyes and perspective to a much simpler, and happier way of living. I guess you can say i've truly learned the definition of ‘less is more’. We live such fast paced lives - crowded in the midst of all these extras, when it could all be so simple *Drake voice*.

(It was actually quite hard to walk away and come back to reality)


The lesson: D E C L U T T E R

From my room to my mind, i’m going to try to slowly eliminate all the extra things that my day can do without. The only thing I want to remain, is that of which is important.


Examples on how I plan to start decluttering a few areas of my life are listed as follows: 

  • When it comes to clothes - If it hasn't been worn it in 2 years... DONATE! (I'm going to stop trying to make 'fetch' happen)

  • When it comes to nik naks- I'm tossing them ALL because there shouldn't be anything even considered a nic nak lounging around.

  • When it comes to various items around room - If it doesn't answer the following questions:

    • Have I used it in the past 6 months? If no - Tossing it/Donating it

    • Does it serve a purpose? If no - Selling it

    • Does it make me happy? If no - Why do I even still have it?? Tossing it!

    • Is it of sentimental value? - Keep.

    • Am I holding broken items to fix in the future? - Because It's probably not going to happen- Toss!

    • What are the odds of that just in case moment? - Consider...but still toss.

  • When it comes to matters of the mind - I'm eliminating all negative thoughts and ways of thinking to embrace pure positivity.

  • When it comes to matters of life - I am eliminating people, friends, and situations that are not beneficial to my growth. This will allow room for me to nurture only what I want to grow.


Decluttering is like a breath of fresh air and a leap into new beginnings.  It allows for a little more legroom to stretch and bend when necessary. That's more space to be filled with something new or space to simply dwell in. As you can see from my list above that decluttering is not always a lose-lose situation. You giving up an item, can provide a benefit for someone who may not have, or earn you a couple dollars on the side if you plan to sell your items.  

When you declutter and attain space, essentially you are  becoming lighter in weight and quicker on your feet, which is the ultimate objective. In order to win this race called life, we must be ready to run, but who can even compete with loads of baggage on their back? Even if you wanted to grab something along the way (weather it be something tangible or conceptual), you'd have no room to store it burdened by what you already have. In order to win, it's important to decipher between what's important and what can be left behind. So, stop weighing yourself down! 

Growing up I found comfort in filling my room with things i'd collect throughout the years. From the boxes of old jewelry, to the bins of exams that I passed dating back to pre-K. Somewhere in my crazy mind I believed that my stellar work passing a spelling test, comprised of words like "cat" and "hello," would win the motivation of my future children. I can now say I've survived a quarter of my life without having to refer to my parents' old scratch work. therefore, I won't torture my future children with mine. Moral of the story - GET RID OF IT. 

I'm currently at an age where the thought of being surrounded by too many things makes me feel overwhelmed and stressed out. I found myself not wanting to be in my room at times because even when it was clean I still felt smothered. When you begin to realize that there is more to life than materialistic things, you start to grow detached to fickle obsessions. Half of the items you are keeping have already served its purpose, therefore it's time for them to go. I once was told, "It's best to collect memories and moments, rather than material things."

Lastly, Don't stress yourself out trying to declutter everything at once. Decluttering is a process. One in which needs planning. I plan to continue making these eliminations throughout the new year. I'm going to tackle it in strides hoping that with each round I detach from more and more unnecessary items to regain space and zen. Keeping only what's important and serves a purpose, I plan to live an easier and simpler life. I invite you all to do the same! 

Less is truly more!