Change Your Mind x Change Your Life

"Change Your Mind, Or Loose It" 

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One of the craziest things to experience is the yearning for change, but being stuck in this ongoing contingency battle with our minds, that change just becomes an obscure fixation. Evolution is a concept that happens first with the mind. “If the mind can think it then we can achieve it”-  We have to learn to fixate our minds on the things that will better our futures rather than caging our minds in disappointments of the past. In order to do so, it's going to take a lot of will-power to first say your up for the challenge and ready to stand firm by it even when faced with temptation and secondly, it's going to take discipline. Discipline will further grant us the discernment to choose between what to keep our focus on vs. what needs to become background noise - or ultimately cut off. I'm ready to take this final leap towards my blessings, and with the proper mind fine-tuning, I know that I, as well as you all, will be well on our way! 

Discipline is a state of mind. If we learn to take control of our minds, I can almost guarantee that everything else will follow suit. It Just makes sense. The question then becomes, ‘but how does one take control of their mind?!' I for one am no expert at this whole mind game process, but that's why I'm here willing to tackle this journey along with you all. Therefore, since I’m not the one with all the answers, I go to the one who not only has the answers but the blueprint - God. 


God gives us a good hint on how we can tackle our twisted minds. In Phillippians 4 v 8, when he states that we should,

"Focus our minds on whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable [ and ] if anything is excellent or praiseworthy [ we should ] focus on these things." [NIV]

Therefore, when you hear the oppositional devil in your left ear telling you that these things are, "Easier said than done," ignore it. That is just a methodical mental distraction thrown into the mix to discourage you from change. Don't let little thoughts block you from your glow up! Even the goat Will Smith himself spelled out that the law of attraction starts when we realize that our words and thoughts have physical power. Imagine that, making things happen with just your mind.  If we take control of our minds, everything else will follow suit - We're mind benders.








I’ve formulated a series of new affirmations that I recite daily and in those times of adversary to combat thoughts or situations that try and sway me from my objective. Below, I’ve chosen to share them with you. Hopefully, they reassure you in the ways that they encourage me! 

1 God gives me strength - So I am strong, healthy, and capable
2 God gives me wisdom - So I am Wise
3 God gave me beauty - So I am Beautiful
4 God grants me peace - So I am kind & a reflection of HIM
5 God gives me discernment - So I am Disciplined  
6 God gave me all the tools - So I have everything I need to succeed.