2018 x Affirmations

goal without plan.jpg

Dear New Year,

Please be kind. Spare me bad moments, and make way for better times.

As I embark on new missions - allow each day to bring new opportunities.

May faith be my foundation, consistency my companion, and success the achievable goal.

As I market out these positive affirmations into the universe daily,

I pray they also touch God's ears.



As december ends and makes way for a new year in January, I can attest to having successfully completed my self-love challenge. In the process i’ve learned to be my own best friend, but lean not on my own understanding. Realizing that I have mentors all around me and an ultimate guide in God, I feel confident to make strides towards 2018 knowing i'll have help along the way. 

During this time I spoke less and tuned within to allow my heart to speak. And when it did, it told me to follow my passion, so that’s exactly what I plan to do in 2018. This journey has been eye opening, exhilarating and overall a spiritual one. There was a sense of self realization that took place this month that felt revolutionary. It's like I had an out of body experience where I was able to sit back and from the corner of the room, observe my daily interactions. This allowed me to point out what I can both do the same or alter moving forward into the new year. 

The challenge has given me the time to rebuild my faith and regain confidence in myself. I realized if I was going to make a serious change, it would have to begin with an alteration of mindset. Knowing that there is power behind words I decided to reshape my mindset through positive affirmation. Reciting these words daily will allow me to send positive vibrations into the universe. Thus, ultimately creating the driving force behind my thoughts, actions, and experiences. With this being said, I plan to slowly carve out a better version of myself in 2018.

If you can see it in your mind,

You can hold it in your hand

- Steve Harvey

Below you will find a list of a few daily affirmation of my own. Repeating these lines back to myself in the mornings will help to not only put out good energy, but also train my subconscious to believe the very things that I am saying. It is important to curb and train your thoughts before allowing them to get ahead of us. With most of our thoughts being a result of a current feeling or experience, our mindset is ever changing from positive to negative.  This year I want to steer clear of majority of my negative thoughts and focus more on the good - my goals, morals, beliefs, and positive outcomes !

Much prosperity to you all in 2018!! Cheers!!  

  1. I am the pioneer of my life, God is the engine, and I Steer the wheel

  2. Today I Choose to be happy, therefore I will be.

  3. Negativity is for others, Not me. There is no room/time for negative thoughts

  4. I am Multi-Talented and plan to strengthen my talents Today.

  5. I forgive those who have harmed or wronged me, Even myself.

  6. I Will Be Successful in any and all the things I choose to do.

  7. I posses all the qualities needed for my extreme success

  8. I believe in me and I love me

  9. Today is a new day, and a good day to seize the day

  10. God's blessing is on me, and what is for me, will always be for me