Hiatus x Take a Break

It’s humbling to say that I’ve become my own greatest project. 

I'm taking the time to build and mold myself into exactly who and what I want to be. I’m daring to take the risk that most people would hesitate to make and living my best life at the same time. Some would call it living recklessly, I like to call it unapologetically with purpose. I do this to ensure my own peace of mind and because I figure that by the time I'm old and gray with bones to brittle to be risky ill be able to play my life back to myself in delight. One day I’ll be in my rocking chair, overlooking the sunset humming back familiar songs that outline the phases life has brought me through. Life is like a song. So 

Walk it like you talk it 

-A Migos Proverb


Music is one of my greatest outlets and hobbies.  I like to think that creating ‘me’ is essentially like creating a song. With me as the composer, I'll put all my passion into creating this masterpiece of ‘self-art'. When played, I want my song to be a piece that reflects the 'me' I want people to see. Whether it be the good, the bad, or the ugly, I want people to hear my story and understand that at the end of the day I’ve survived every sharp, flat, broken note, and gradual crescendo. I want my song to be a classic inspiration, that can resonate across countries, and through the test of time. I want it to be a story entangled in a melody that becomes a tuned heirloom passed down to my daughters and her daughters.  


When it comes down to the technical aspect of building my triple gold (if that's a thing) song, I’ve learned the importance of ‘Breaks'. In each rhythm or perfectly blended melody is a series of breaks that allows the song to flow with meticulous harmony. Let me say this again for those in the back — TAKE BREAKS! Burnout is real and can be crippling. Without a break or two, you're going to find your self-overextending yourself and gasping for air. Don't allow yourself to get blue in the face and come up for air. Taking a break to recharge your batteries adds harmony to your life, and flow to your song. 



I got to the point where even waking up to start a new day sounded impossible and that's when I knew it was time for me to take a full on personal hiatus. I also learned to never let myself get that worn out again. Between balancing, family, work, hobbies, friends, and loved ones it's was very easy to track down how I allowed my energy to run dry. So I decided to TAKE A BREAK! I Clocked Out on reality and Clocked In on ME! I love being there for others and being of service but I'm learning 'you can’t fill anyone else’s cup if yours is empty'. So hear it from me first, take a second to recharge --  I like to call it a brief hiatus



How I did it: 

I decided to take a solid week to refrain from social media and mass interaction to retreat within myself. I took two months to fine tune through the negative energies around me and fixate my mind on the positive-positive people, sounds, reads, and atmospheres. I faced my biggest fears within my mind, my solitude, and my overall self. I learned how to be myself and how it was asking to be loved. All-in-all I learned to create self-happiness and how to be free. 

During my hiatus, I decided to refrain from bad habits while simultaneously replacing them with positive new ones. With a huge order placed on Amazon, I purchased a cool water bottle to enhance my h2o consumption, and a ton of vitamins to get back on top of my health. I figured that taking care of my personal includes taking control of my health. I decided to dust off my gym membership and strap down on my healthy eats routine. It was hard, considering I'm one to call salad grass but honestly, I feel great. Not only has this time given me an energy boost and time for healing, but I emerged with a glow. My skin is clearer, my hair is super healthy, and my energy is intact. What else can a girl ask for?! (Besides diamonds) 


I thank you all for giving me my much needed minute to catch my breath and before I continued! But now it’s time to get to work and I can’t wait to get back on board to chat with you all!   


Here are links to some of the amazing products I purchased on Amazon during my health cleanse: 


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