Adulting Made Easy| Healthy fruit smoothie

Tropical Treat Fruit Smoothie

Adulting | Made Easy

Adulting sure isn't easy but as we get older it is important that we aim to have well balanced meals through out the morning and day to ensure a healthy lifestyle for life longevity and to effortlessly get us in through the day.

This Tropical blend smoothie is the first video of a 4 part series showing you all "what I eat in a day." I decided to chop it into four parts so the videos would be short, and easy to follow along.

I hope you all enjoy the journey towards a healthy fit lifestyle with me and challenge yourselves to do the same as we enter the new year!

Also let me know below how often you should change your Brita water filters!

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Items used in this video:


*SBR Nutrition Liquid Biotin -

*SBR Nutrition Liquid B12 -

*MegaFood Blood Builders -

Blender -

Oster Blender Set -

Brita water pitcher -

Products used:

Frozen Chopped Mango / Frozen Strawberries / Bananas / Cutting knife / Cutting board / Almond breeze - almond milk / 2 cup measuring cup / Quaker oats / apples and cinnamon Instant oatmeal

Enjoy and see you in the next video!

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