What does 2017 mean to me?




Where to start. 

What does 2017 mean to me?

2017 has been such an intense year, that was saturated with emotions and drenched with planted seeds of opportunity. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you allow yourself to be present both physically and mentally. That was one of the many lessons I learned entering 2017 and applied throughout the year. I learned to trust my gut, and lean more on both God and my instincts. Did it mean that this year was smooth sailing? Not in the slightest. 


2017 was a pivotal year to say the least. I can say that I’ve — love and lost, gained and lost friends, risked big, and lost big, picked my myself up off the floor one too many times, but ultimately learned who I am and who I plan to be. I don’t know about you all, but that sounds like a heck of a lot to me! I’ve learned how to, even in the toughest of times, create happiness for myself. And rather than feeling like i’ve reached wits end, i’d use those moments to pivot me onto the next big innovative ambition.

If I were to break down the extent of my year, I would need a three part book series ( dreams that into possible existence ). But instead, I will give a briefing of the lessons I found to be most important through the different genres of my life:



Be g r a t e f u l for what you already have! For that, is an accomplishment within itself that shouldn't be taken for granted. I know for the longest I fell short of that, often before because I would always stumble when focusing on what others are doing and have. Then i'd look at what I have and figure that i'm lacking. The constant worry of 'why don't I own those things?' or 'living out those same lavish lifestyles?' haunted me. But over time I've learned that I have my own set of God given talents that I will learn to use at the pace that I learn and discover myself. It might not be right now, but soon come! In the meantime I will build in my patience using the tools I already posses. Only when I have true understanding of 'self' will have I have tapped into the first step of success.   

When it came to maintaining an actual job, 2017 has been a year that's both hired me and fired me, but I always still managed to landed on my feet. At first, I struggled figuring out what I wanted to be and what my title would look like in this world. My Indecisiveness created space for others to wedge in their wants and ideas for my life.  As a result, I  got so caught up in the routine of 'going with the flow', I didn't even recognize when I began living someone else's dream rather than my own. That's when I decided to step in and regain control of where i'm headed. I decided i'd build a life rather than to just attain a career. I envision a life worth living that I can truly call my own.

I've learned that we often cap ourselves into thinking we can only live out one job title. That title being one that was either given to us by those around us or manufactured by the constructs of society. But if that were true we wouldn't be able to call ourselves human! God gave us brains! The most complex machines out there which proves we were destined for greater! If we can 'think' and 'do', then we have already gained the titles of 'a thinker' and 'a doer'. After that it is up to us to perform the actions behind the titles. Although your mission may be hard to embark on at first, once you get your boat in motion, the wind will catch on, allowing you to set sail. It took me longer than it should have to come to these conclusions, but I know i'm sailing where I need to be.

Metaphoric Segway: I believe, we are all at sea in this world. God has handed us a map and said GO! But He sent us each down our own distinctively crafted currents, that He knew would be most suitable for each of us. I believe that's because there are different lessons we each need to be exposed to and some, not at all. We are all fed information to retain differently. Therefore along each journey will be characterized fruit specifically nourishing to YOUR needs. Straying from your journey will only mean forfeiting a balanced diet to try and live off of someone else’s supply. You will never be satisfied, something will always be missing and now you're far from where you need to be. Yes there will be deterrents and storms but we must remain loyal to our journey. Waves will come to knock you off course, but we must allow faith in God to put wind back in sails and push us back on track. At the end of the day we will all reach the same destination, Heaven. With everyone offering up their fruits to the the table, where there will be a feast of the most beautifully assorted kind & everyone will be full. 


In Me:

I’ve learned to mind my business. lol! No really, I’ve learned to pour all of me into my business... which is me. I've decided to turn a lot of my focus within to better myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. I’ve been bettering my health by exercising, taking my vitamins, and occasionally venturing to the gym to make sure they haven't relocated (lol). I practice meditation through writing and active breathing, because I still haven't mastered staying awake through sitting still. Spiritually, I'm listening and looking for signs from God that make themselves apparent all around me. I've been using these signs as my road map in making decisions that are too hard to make on my own. All together, I have been able to break past barriers this year and unload a lot of baggage I carried with me for some time now, and It feels great! I know this is just the beginning, so i'm excited to see what else life has in store come 2018 and on. I am starting to build the foundation of what my name will stand for in this world, and as Pastor T.D Jakes stated, "I'd rather be effective, than famous".


In Friends: 

friends meme.jpeg

Friends keep you, goofy and fun! They keep you, YOU! They are the ones to hold your shoes when you’ve drank too much (even if they are just as drunk), they tell you what you’re too scared to tell yourself (even if it has a way of bad timing), they correct you when you're wrong ( unless they’re apart of the plan) and ultimately they keep you grounded. At least these are just some of the great characteristics that sum up my friends, and I’m grateful for all of them. They’ve always been there for me when I've needed cheering up, or cheering for. Objectively though, with time I learned that each friend satisfies his or her special purpose in my life, and that's OK. The word friend comes with a definition of duties and responsibilities that we should all aspire to, but unfortunately there are those that don't —and that is also OK. Those are the friends that eventually fall off, or you grow out of; but rather than focusing on that, take note of your unwavering friends. Those are the ones to save your real love for! They will be there to steadily go through life with you, so no worries! 


In Family:

Family is sensitive, and should be treated as such. They are an expensive jewel that should be held in the highest regard, for they are rare. Realizing that there are so many who may not have what I have to call family shows me what I take for granted everyday. Therefore I am blessed knowing there are ones who will always be there to protect and guide me.  Their constant and undivided love towards me reveals the definition of 'unconditional' first hand. This is a love I pray to emulate and imitate mutually to both them and a future family of my own. My family has held me down through the best and worst of my year and I am truly grateful. Even in those times that I didn’t love myself, they poured back into me. And for this, I am filled. 


In Religion

Trust God. Honestly. I’m Christian Pentecostal and although I may not be in church every sunday or overly, and outwardly expressive of my faith, I heavily believe in the Word of God. He is the most reliable co-pilot, whose loyalty streams from the day you were born until the day we join Him. It's only best to Rely on Him. He already knows our story to its full extent and what's really going on, so he will be able to understand where and what you need, to have mercy on you, and bless you simply because you came to Him. I’ve seen God’s hand in my life this year in the most lifesaving ways. so the only message I can pass along is to, Trust God. It’s the only way.  


In Love:

falling in love.jpg

Love, Love, Love. ( lol ) I’ll be brief. Having a big heart leaves me both vulnerable and optimistic to falling hard, but if broken I found that love can be detrimentally crippling. Entering 2017 I was just overcoming that feeling of heartbreak but still at a period in my life where I decided to remain off limits to the idea of love and what it had to offer. All was going well until I found myself dancing around the idea of love once again this year. But with fault, I only opened up enough to fall for the idea rather than the real thing. Rather than being hurt because it's over, I learned my lessons and smile because it happened. My Biological grandmother always preached the message of courage and Mama Maya Angelou reminds us to "have enough courage to trust love one more time, and always one more time.”So that’s what I will do. Without being in sole pursuit of finding love I will continue to seek to self-fulfillment in life and hopefully but naturally find 'him’ along my journeys. 


In Money:

HAHA! I just had to laugh really quickly because It’s the beginning of december which means black friday was not too long ago. I did outrun my budget a tad, but oh well, right? tis the season, right?!  I will aim to be more of a savvy shopper in the coming year.  I will say objectively, financially, this has been a good year for me in the sense that I was able to pay off a lot of bills. I've learned the rewards of sticking to a strict budget and how to effectively use apps like 'Mint' and 'CreditKarma' to monitor my spending and credit score. I’m now trying to increase my budget skill-tactics to the level where i'm securing a more established savings account, while cutting back on unnecessary spending. It's best I invest my money into things that progress me towards my future rather than wasting it on perishable nothings. 



Whew! hope I haven’t lost anyone, and you’ve gained a tip or two that you can apply in your own life moving foward. Based off the lessons and self realizations I had over the course of 2017 (which as you can see was much) which can you say stood out most for you? have you had similar experiences? what does 2017 mean to you— even if in one word. Comment Below !