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Times Up x Letting Fashion Speak : Golden Globes 2018


Sunday nights 75th celebration of the Golden Globes brought new meaning to ‘fashion on the red carpet'. Traditionally, we tune in to watch as celebrities gossip over there most recent accomplishments and answer the most anticipated question of the night, who are you wearing? But, this year the red carpet was dominated by one colour- Black. 

With Civil Rights activist Tarana Burke Spearheading the production of movements #MeToo And #TimesUp, actors and moguls decided enough is enough! If there is change to be had, they would need to take matters into their own hands and protest. 

With the Golden Globes being the first major award ceremony since the Harvey Weinstein accusation, both actors and entertainers alike chose to use their platform to premiere their more politically sensitive side. Shifting the conversation, celebrities decided to stand with and for one another to speak their truth in acknowledging the ever growing systemic misogyny that takes shape in the entertainment industry. 

Without altering their elegance, well-known and respected entertainers stood in solidarity to shine the spotlight on harsh realities. In hopes of revolutionizing a better tomorrow, Mogul/Icon/Media Proprietor/Philanthropist (need I say more?) Oprah broke the internet with her speach outlining that TIMES UP for sexual harrassement or assault in the workplace. She quotes, "A new day is on the horizon when no one has to say ME TOO again.” Her message was one that resonated across TV’s worldwide and warmed the hearts of many.

With the help of all its contributors, the Times Up legal defense team was able to raise more than $15 million to aid in those who have experienced such unfortunate situations thus far. Every dollar counts, and as more conversations are had, I believe that monetary number will continue to grow. Actress America Ferrera pointed out “It’s OUR job right now, the time is NOW for us to do the work that will make more women and all people more safe and more equal in their workplaces and in their lives." So as I post some of my favorite looks from Sunday’s award show, I ask that you take a second to acknowledge the underlying powerful message delivered on the 2018 Golden Globes red carpet.