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Secrids Pocket-Sized Essentials


I love an up and coming brand that is not only influential in the realm of fashion and design but is also instrumental in making a difference in the world we live in. A brand whose ethics and foundations speak to those characteristics is the sleek, innovative brand, Secrid. Made in Holland, A team of young colleagues who share an interest in the quality of people and the environment, joined forces to bring us the next big break in pocket-sized essentials. As they’d like to say, "A better world starts in your pockets," and they showed us exactly how.   


A video of the Secrid booth at Liberty Fairs - NYC Fashion TradeShow


Secrid, a brand thats been around since 2009, came to the 2018 NYC trade shows to further promote their innovative and industrial wallet designs that left a lasting impression on any and everyone who came across their booth. What initially captured my attention was their animated display of the wallets capabilities. Seeing how they had transformed the traditional wallet into a sleek design that allows you to not only access your cards effortlessly, but grants the customer the security of knowing their private information is safely protected makes this an epic invention. I got the chance to speak with Global Business Developer, Oscar Menzel and his team who broke down the essential elements and features of this next level wallet design. 



The collection features 6 styles of wallets whose prices range from $15.95 to $155 USD. They have created a patented mechanism that with a flick of a trigger slides your cards out the top of the wallet in a ladder formation, making each card easily accessible. The cardholder itself is made out an aluminum that protects your cards from unwanted bends and breaks if placed in a back pocket and sat on. Oscars team further explained that the Aluminum used for the cardholders protects your cards from RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification)  / NFC (Near Field Communication), which was something new I had to inquire about. Apparently, the convenience of having a chip on your credit cards and store cards also make it wirelessly convenient for hackers to read, activate, and clone your information from a metre away without you noticing a thing! WHAT ?! Protect your cards in style guys !! Each wallet is carefully crafted and assembled with quality care. Once assembled, each wallet is stamped with its own unique serial number for proof of authentication. 


When it comes to helping the environment and being a brand of the people, Secrid has not only to helped to bring the leather textile industry back to it's homeland of Holland but has created over 200 jobs in the Netherlands in the process ! Secrid is building a brand that gives back in more ways than one. Their next-level designs are going to send leather and gadget junkies running to customize a pocket-essential of their own.  

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