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10 Years of being Confidently Rich & Weird x RichWeirdo


The self-motivated and talented NJ barbershop owner Jeffrey Crayton takes his love for redesigning an individuals confidence beyond the traditional haircut. This September Jeffrey Crayton will be celebrating the ten year anniversary of his clothing brand RichWierdo. RichWierdo is a brand who speaks to those individuals who share in the same love for quality fashion and style - But aim to do so with diversity, irregularity, and elegance. Jeffrey has carefully carved out his definition of fashion, making his designs as impressionable and precise as his haircuts. By choosing to pair non-traditional fabrics with traditional styles, RichWierdo is filled with pieces as unique and trendy as the individual choosing to wear it. 

Rich Weirdo

RichWierdo started just ten years ago with simple screen-print logo designs on T-shirts but has evolved into the “Eclectic and contemporary” brand you see today. With the central logo being an embroidered digital nerd, the RichWierdo brand looks to re-instill confidence into those who might view themselves as the ‘ Odd-one-out.’ Standing out and being weird is more of a compliment than offense and should be viewed in a more positive light. In an interview with SoSerée, Jeffrey Crayton explains that “Being ‘weird' is what defines you. It should be looked at as a positive attribute rather than the grounds on which we single out each other. Weird is a word that points out that an individual is exceedingly different from the next,” thus making them an icon on their own. Those wearing the RichWierdo brand should embrace the factors that make them different and be confident to stand proudly in their indifference. 

The RichWierdo Brand is inclusive to both men, women's and children's garments. There is sure to be something that fits your unique style at Jeffery Craytons soon to be Lifestyle brand. 

For the ten years that RichWierdo has been in circulation, many fans and celebrities can be spotted rocking the trendy confidence fit from Singer/Songwriter Ludacris and to community Influencers @HeyGorjess and @ChrisMiss_


The Designer: 

[Interview Clip]

SoSerée: "Whats that ONE wierd attribute about you that you that you’re confident to share?" 

RichWierdo’s [Jeffrey Crayton]: “Maybe the fact that you can catch me watching the National Geographic channel while a major game is on. I actually have an interest in the wild, which is represented in the zebra inseam you can find stitched into all my garments.” 

What is one 'Weird' attribute you display or attain that can be perspectively changed to better fuel your confidence?

This Season, RichWierdo has recently released it's women's sleeveless polo dresses made with a breathable and shape defining terry cloth fabric. The dress comes in two Color-way designs and transition well from summers end to falls welcome. The dresses retail for $55 and are available for purchase on the RichWierdo website. 

Check out a few other staple pieces from RichWierdo that are still available for purchase, along with a ton of additional designs on
 && Don't forget to join in on the celebration this fashion season


Monday, September 10th 2018, The RichWierdo Brand will put on a fashion show you don't want to miss! RSVP for Seating and Entry by Emailing: