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OMG! Michaela Angela Davis!

Michaela Angela Davis


Can I just take a second to talk about why this moment is so monumental to me? — My heart literally skipped a beat and I was frozen when I rushed to grab my back-row seat at the Nandi Madida fashion show - Look up - and lock eyes with Michaela Angela Davis who was sitting right across from me. H o l y Crap. *Speechless* honestly, I saw the show ( barely -So Sorry! ) but I was mindblown that I was sitting across from an ICON of mine. As an aspiring writer, Ms. Davis is someone I aspire after. 

[[ We will meet againn!! I Pray it ! ]]

A Quick Background on Ms. Davis :

[Because if you don’t know - Well, now you do. Thank me later]

Michaela Angela Davis ( Named after Michel Angelo) is an editor, writer, advocate, and fashion mogul whose focus is centered on the style, race, gender, and music of the African American culture. A native of Germany, but raised in Washington D.C. ( again, all my favorite places ), Davis completed her studies in the arts and went on to become the associate fashion editor of Essence in 1991, and the executive fashion director soon thereafter. By 1993 she became the founding fashion director for Vibe magazine and the editor-in-chief of Honey in 2003. Judging by her timeline you can tell she plays NO GAMES !!  

Her magic doesn’t stop there. Ms. Davis is known for styling famous celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Diana Ross, and Beyoncé. She also worked as a stylist on the set of many films that we know and love such as, Paid in Full. Ms. Davis has also been featured in a hand full of films and documentaries herself such as the BET special, Hip Hop vs. America II: Where Did the Love Go? and the VH1 News Presents: Hip Hop videos — Sexploitation on the Set that premiered the launch of her “Take Back the Music” campaign.  

These days you can find Ms. Davis advocating within the community of Brooklyn as she helps young women reclaim their identities through her mentorship. She mentors on the topics of race/colorism, beauty, power, and most of all -- image. She helps young women to embrace their inner-selves and reminds us that we are beautiful. Ms. Davis uses her platforms in Black Girls Rock! and Imagination to spread her important message, as she is a member of each board. 

I could go on and on about how great Michaela Angela Davis is, but I will catch my breath now. Bottom line - She’s just great. To know her is to love her, and to have met her was M A G I C A L*



More On my Look: 

Lace Crop Top: @VictoriaSecret | Mesh Skirt: @CharlotteRousse | Shoes: @SteveMadden

Bag: @Aldo | Hat:  @OneDNA-NYC |  Jacket: @NewYork&Co | Scarf : MyGrandma's :) 

Photographer: Sherdrain Johnson


Left: The Photographer, Sherdrain Johnson | Right: My New Fave, Oriane (@myfashionBreak)