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Elaine Welteroth x Says GoodBye to TeenVogue

Elaine Welteroth.jpg

Elaine Welteroth is known for reaching her dreams at the astonishingly young age of 29 as Editor-in-Cheif at one of NYC’s recently discontinued print magazine's TeenVogue. (Don't worry, the magazine is still available exclusively online *Click Here*) As of Thursday, January 11th, 2018 Elaine has announced that she will no longer be the editor-in-chief for the *no longer existing* print Sector of TeenVogue's magazine. Therefore I just wanted to take the time to quickly outline why Elaine is so great and landed a position as one of my top role models/icons.  


Elaine started with TeenVogue in May of 2016 as the magazine's beauty and health director creating captivating editorial pieces. She broke the cycle when she rewrote the magazines blueprint to better incorporate women of color and touched on issues relevant to the times. Her capturing content added political insight and created the buzz that elevated the exposure of TeenVogue and altered the conversation happening amoungst young adults. Therefore, it's with sadden hearts that we received the news that Elaine is parting ways with TeenVogue to set out on new ventures.

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Elaine’s influential accomplishments made her TeenVogues 2nd ever black editor-in-cheif and the youngest editor associated with the publishing agent CondéNast. Elaine is an icon not only because she shows us what it means to be a #GirlBoss, but how to do it with grace and elegance. Although I have yet to meet her, I already know I would thank her for her fearlessness and commitment to diversifying media publications. I also want to thank her for allowing me to be able to open a magazine and see different girls with story lines that I can relate to as a women of color. Elaine is taking the world by storm and rumor has it that she is signed to be represented by CAA. They say she might be looking to be a TV-personality! I'm not sure what's in store next for Elaine, but all I know is I'm excited and here for it!!