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Culturier | Teaches us Culture and Clothing


[ Culturier ] is a combination of two terms that ultimately tie together two worlds- culture and clothing. Culturier as a whole can be defined as "a person who manufactures designs and clothing", explains clothing designer, Kyle Moore.

Moore, along with co-partner Joseph Cornish and their team of designers, created Culturier with the intention of creating an exclusive line of streetwear that best represents the personal role that street-culture, music, hip-hop, and tv sensations have played in his upbringing.

The interest and passion to start a journey in fashion happened for Moore when he was only in elementary school “painting designs on socks and hats” for his classmates he says.

Today, Moore’s designs can be found on racks adjacent to some of the fashions most trending street fashion brands such as Supreme, and Just Don in the clothing store ShopCoreUsa. Moore says it is an honor to have is clothes represented in this retail clothing store, as it was one he would frequent growing up.

Although Moore’s collection may seem controversial at first glance, Moore encourages his shoppers to read deeper into the message being conveyed.

For instance, Moore takes the time to explain one of the pink vivid Culturier T-shirts that display the face of El’Chapo (on the front) with the words “Freedom is priceless” felted on the arm. At first glance, a person may write the shirt off because El’Chapo is known to be the figure behind many illegal money scandals. But, Moore has turned this negative figure positive by highlighting a deeper message when he states, “what’s the point of having all of that money when you're never able to use it? you're never actually free?”

Culturier is slowly and tastefully introducing new ways to view street culture most idolized icons, but this time for all the right reasons. Culturier keeps its customers both trendy, culture correct with it’s ‘woke’ designs.

Freedom is priceless - What’s the point of having a lot of money when you’re never free to use it?
— Kyle Moore