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5 Ways to Wear [ Neon ]


Known to be a fad of the ’80s, Neon is making a comeback. Neon was first introduced in the 60s but didn’t gain momentum until the 80’s when fluorescent designs were in high demand. Now in 2019, decades later, this day-glo fad is back but in a more practical fashion.

Emerging artist, stylist, and designers are finding new ways to color-their-world with the use of bright colors such as pink, yellow, blue, orange, and green. Whether these colors are worn monochromatic, as a pop color, or as a subtle accessory, these neon n are adding more flavor and fun to spring and summer wardrobes.

Although working with neons may seem fun and exciting at first glance, but sometimes getting the combination just right can be the most daunting task. Too much neon or the wrong pairing can turn your outfit from visual-lust to an eye-sore.

Luckily for you, we have picked out a few Instagram Influencers who can help us to find our perfect fit!

1 x P I N K



4 x BLUE


Seree Joseph