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Paris Haute Couture 2019 [ Day 2 ]

With February Autumn/Winter 2019 shows just around the corner, I thought it would be best to cover the likings of the Paris Haute Couture that happened just last week. This fashion event was put in place to help us gain a better understanding of just how broad and grand the worlds most lux designers creative capabilities span.

Paris Haute Couture happens every January and is specific to Paris, London. This couture show gives brands a chance to premiere and publicize pieces they feel furthers the purpose, vision, and perception of their brand. What makes these shows so unique is that designs are not made for sale, but solely for the purpose of inspiration, insight, and appreciation.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from Day 2:


Karl Lagerfeld made 18th century style come to life in a vivid and explosive manner. Old style women’s suits were commemorated through colorful pattern woven work and embellished with a floral or feathery finish. You have to give it up to Chanel for consistently taking the ‘traditional’ garment and showing you how it could be styled in a myriad of wonderful ways.

Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille Brought the energy this season with the use of intense color! Starting with the first model wearing black, Mabille took fashion show guest and live streamers on a ride through the color spectrum. With every color paired with the proper texture, Mabille’s dramatic designs created space for fun, excitement, and movement,

Stephanie Rolland

I have a thing for Egyptian inspiration, so when I got a peek at Stephanie Rollands collection, I was awed. Her drape work is always super thoughtful, weather being used as a hood, a shirt, a sash, or head covering, Rolland literally has you covered. Another cool feature is the use of bold black lines to create symmetry and precision amongst some of the designs. I’m just in love with this collection.

Julian Fournie

Julian Fournie carried a high level of elegance in this dreamy dessert collection. You can tell Fournie built these dresses to celebrate femininity. Although the garments covered when from collar bone to ankle, the way the fabrics hugged and twisted around the curved models brought out the sex appeal. Sculpted for the body yet built for the breeze, Fournie took the audience and myself on a neutral tone excursion.

Armani Privé

If your from the USA, and feeling patriotic, Armani Privé’s 2019 Couture collection was the place for you, after its opening black garment opener, Privé dressed his models in red and blue ensembles and had them wear saloon style headpieces to pay homage to the inspiring women of the 1930s and 80s. Sequins and snake skin were used to add slip and shine to his drip-like dressed. So, If your looking for shine, Privé has you covered!

Photo by Filippo Fior /


Givenchy gave us timeless luxury couture at this years Paris Couture Week. I was in Awe looking through the collection and seeing how uniquely different each garment was from the nest but when placed together, its as if they were all meant for each other. Givenchy has given us a plethora of pleat work, texture, class, and sophistication all in one show. Who but Givenchy can make feathery turtleneck blazers and latex sleeves come to life in a way that yells high fashion?

Day two turned out to be just as exciting as Day 1.

Who was your favorite designer from the Day two Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week?

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