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Paris Haute Couture 2019 [ Day 1 ]

Paris Haute Couture | Day 1 | Monday, January 21 2019

Paris Haute Couture 2019

With February Autumn/Winter 2019 shows just around the corner, I thought it would be best to cover the likings of the Paris Haute Couture that happened just last week. This fashion event was put in place to help us gain a better understanding of just how broad and grand the worlds most lux designers creative capabilities span.

Paris Haute Couture happens every January and is specific to Paris, London. This couture show gives brands a chance to premiere and publicize pieces they feel furthers the purpose, vision, and perception of their brand. What makes these shows so unique is that designs are not made for sale, but solely for the purpose of inspiration, insight, and appreciation.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from day 1:


Designer Schiaparelli showed us how to use color to to make a bold feathery statement. It was the use of Schiaparelli’s shapes and elements she used that really made her feathery fantasy come to life ! Imagine bouncing around in that lilac and red ensemble by the model in the first row or the layered look in the bottom row! Now tell me these designs are not fun!

Photos Courtesy of Vogue | Credit: Alessandro Lucioni /

Ulyana Sergeenko

Designer Ulyana packed her passion for design in her bold red display she put on at this yeas Paris Haute Couture show. Ulyana took the color red and showed us how to rock it in a myriad of ways. Ulyana uses the play of different styles to prove to us how. There’s a sexy sense of sultry in every look no matter how rough or soft the exterior of the design, and I think that is what is most interesting.

Iris Van Herpen

With each piece a blend of historical and futuristic , Herpen shows us her love for earth tones and geometric lines in her design. According to Vogue, the collection was inspired by the 17th century star atlas and if you were lucky enough witness it for yourself, you too would think her designs were “picasso-esque.” The smokey, cloudy color palette of these color blends leave behind a soft, airy, and light feeling that I think is refreshing.

Photos Courtesy of Vogue | Credit: Filippo Fior /

Georges Hobeika

Geores Hobeika took us on a walk of sparkle and enchantment with this years illuminating collection. There was so much beauty wrapped in subtle yet confident fabrics. His collection highlights femininity in the most spectacular of ways. Dripping in crystals, and embellished in beads, I can see myself wanting one, two, or more of these!

Photos from Georges Hobeika website

Christian Dior

Dior took us to the circus with these topsy-turvy looks that are both colorful and fun. Each design represented a different character of circus performance, yet through the eyes of Dior’s playbook. Dior’s ability to tell a story with different words, and convey the same message all through clothing, is an astonishing. This collection was unique and well thought out.

Photo Courtesy of Vogue | Credit: Alessandro Lucioni /

Maison Francesco Scognamiglio

Scognamiglio played up his collection with playful pearls, fun frills, and shoulder structure. I would say that Scognamiglio’s collection is very vintage chić. Each one of the garments from his small collection took you to a different time period or place. It was fascinating to see how he took a historical feel and made it modern.

Photos courtesy of Vogue

Ralph & Russo

Ralph and Russo took women’s workwear and made it fun! The collection sported tailored looks built for the average female as it was loaded with talented embroidery and mixes of beadwork. The designers took their ensembles to the next level and made it dramatic by icing the outfits with wide brim hats and cinched-waist, crystal-studded belts. This collection is young, exciting, and sexy with a conservative twist.

Photo Courtesy of Vogue | Credit: Alessandro Lucioni /

Antonio Grimaldi

Using very muted tones, Grimaldi’s used chromatic tones to pack the bold without the color. Grimaldi used a plethora of fabrics and materials ranging from silk to chiffons, and satin to sequins to create his next-level visions. His a-symmetrical and non-traditional hooded brimming gave rise to every garment taking on a character of its own.

Giambattista Valli

Clearly Valli has a thing for dresses that go from high to low and oversized bows. In this runway show, short gowns with elongated tails grazed the Valli runway as models fanned down the aisle in modern couture. Valli’s mix of patterns show sophistication as well as how much of a risk taker he’s willing to be. The model engulfed by the red bow dress is one of my favorite creative designs from this line, as I thought it to be super chic yet innovative. [ but I would honestly try any of these designs! ]

Photos Courtesy of Vogue | Credit: Filippo Fior /

Azzaro Couture

Jazz it up and make it metallic! Azzaro’s shining silver designs dressed her crew of models who were glammed up and ready to rock and roll. Weather the garment fell above the knee or below, Azzaro’s collection makes us nostalgic with its use of exaggerated details. Azzaro amplified his looks with pumped up shoulder pads, and accessorized with belts and bows constructed to be twice their normal size. Azzaro has a sharp eye for metallic design and party stopping pieces. He also shows us how we can wear metallics with either white or nude booties *mental notes *.

[ My favorite is the white dress ]

Photos Courtesy of Vogue | Credit: Yannis Vlamos / Courtesy of Azzaro

How’s that for a first day? I don’t know about all of you, but i’ve been inspired by the looks i’ve seen thus far & I can’t wait to see how these themes translate throughout the year. And to just imagine that this was only day ONE!

Who was your favorite designer from the Day one Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week?

Which was your favorite look? Comment Below!