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Weather it’s a brand, bargain, or fashion feature we are covering sustainable fashion for the year of 2019. Looking to better the we buy, it is important to who and wear to shop from. Luckily, You have us to make it easy for you!

11 Fall / Autumn 2018 Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends 2018-2019

As August gives rise to September, and autumn leaves begin to turn, it’s important we know what fashionable items should be on our radar as we begin to dig into warmer clothing. We’re here to show you what designers have in store for us this season as they allow us to choose comfort and functionality, while still remaining sexy and in-style. This seasons trends will have you feeling nostalgic as it brings back hints of the 80’s with a new age flare. This is seen with the bold color choices, the longer hemlines, and broad shoulders incorporated in this seasons garments. Are you in season?  

Stay tuned and we’ll also let you know the go-to items of the season! 

1 Modest Motives

Modesty Clothing Fall 2018

This season designers are experimenting with more masculine hemlines and silhouettes aka the ultimate cover-up. Therefore you will find longer hem-lined skirts, higher necklines, and extreme layers to dig your-self on those colder winter days. 

2 Zebra Me Crazy

Leaning more towards Zebra and Leopard print, it’s ok to wear your wild side on your sleeve this season as shown by one of our favorite music moguls Cardi-B and a few of our favorite brands

3 Sparkle + Shine

A little frosting never hurt anybody! Designers are crystalizing everything by capturing and incorporating sparkle into this seasons trending look. You don’t worry about loosing your beach glow when designers have you show stopping the party in glistening sequins and high-shine fabrics such as latex, vinyl, and plastics. 

4 Leather Love

Who doesn’t love a good leather pant or skirt? Although that might be the vas majority of us, designers are taking the traditional leather trend to new heights by shaping it into what will become our new fashion crave. They are taking the fabric we love, and molding it into new pieces with the incorporation of more colors than the original black — and I’m here for it!

5 ‘80s Flashback

Hop in your time machines! Fashion is bringing us back to the 80’s leaving it’s influence in every aspect of this fall/winters most admired looks. From big was it belts to big shoulders and ‘under wear’ as outwear, we’re channeling our inner Princess Diana. Feeling nostalgic yet? 

6 Blanket Coats

Feeling warm yet? This season we’ve got you covered as we aren’t sacrificing style for practicality when we reach for our cloaks and oversized coats! Take cover from the kiss of the cold in style. If you’re already going to be buried beneath the layers of your jacket, why not make it one with a statement? Designers show us how!

7 Oil Spill

Playing with colors, designers have decided to recreate fabrics that mimic that of an oil spill but shimmers in the most extravagant ways. Holographic sheen designs are the perfect statement piece, as it is both eye catching and flattering against any skin tone!  

8 Binge Fringe + Fuzzy Fashion

Fringe Fuzzy Fall Fashion 2018 2019

Embracing your inner girly-girl, You can find fringe and fuzzy faux fur making a major come back. Fringe has come back  with a redefined look that incorporates intricate beading while fuzzy tops, skirts, and jackets add the perfect ‘fluff’ to any outfit. 

9 The Sexy Suit

Where business meets pleasure -Designers are adding new meaning to ‘The power suit’ designers are giving us the ok to add a little sex appeal to our confidence suit. Ditch the dress shirt and pair your blazer jacket with your glowing skin, hike up the hemming on the skirts, loose the pants and grab your confidence, we’re redefining sexy ! 

10 I’m a Cow-girl

We might have to allow our yearnings get ahead of our earnings this season as prairie dresses, traditional western shirts, and cowboy boots are making a comeback! Saddle up and jump on this trend with us! Top designers have shown us how!

11 Hot Pink is in

Pictures courtesy of Vogue Fall Fashion Runway Shows