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Sneaky Fashion 2018 x Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh is honestly a mastermind. 

Virgil Abloh Confirms Two New Off-White x Nike Sneakers – Footwear News 2018-06-05 23-40-07.png

Ablohs compelling designs and creative talents have landed him in the winner's corner as we push through the second quarter of 2018. He has quickly become one of my favorite designers with his hardworking mentality. He has not only demonstrated his love for fashion which his garment collections but has recently taken over in the realm of shoe collaborations, and has even tapped into music making in the process. Virgil is proving to us that he is a multifaceted individual who is not to be underestimated. 

Born and raised by the beautiful influences of Chicago, Virgil Abloh has taken his streetwear designs from concrete streets to the runway as he was given the privilege of being the opening act for day two of Paris Fashion Week. He used that moment to premiere his Off-White collection entitled "Business Casual." It was also during this show that Virgil gave the audience and viewers alike a glimpse of his collaboration with brands Nike and Timberland.


 In January 2018 Virgil released his Off-White x Timberland 6- inch boot who models like Gigi Hadid did wait to get her hands on first. The boot mimicked Timberlands iconic "wheat" yellow boot but was redesigned to incorporate a velour exterior rather than the brands' traditional nubuck leather. The boot retails for around $902 depending on the color. The boot is still available in the four colors - Green, Camel, Black, and Orange. 


During last years fall season, Virgil released his "The Ten" collaboration with Nike that snatched the hearts of sneakerheads far and wide. No one expected him to drop that many sneakers and for each one to be equally impressive. The massive hype and feedback were so well received that Nike invited Virgil back this year for the release of a few more snacks his fans wouldn’t be able to resist. And as a fan myself, I’m living for each new reveal like a feen. In early April, the designer took to Instagram to confirm the launch of one of his first collaborations with the Nike brand which featured the Off white x Nike: The Air Presto which will be available in both tonal black and tonal white colorway. The sneaker will hit the shelves soon as retail stores are starting to receive their stock of the shoe. The sneaker is set to retail for $160. 


This year's collection is rumored to feature 8 pairs of irresistible sneakers including the redesign of the Nike Air Max 180. The sneaker will soon make an appearance in a black/Volt colorway. For now, we know that Virgil is almost ready to release the Off-white x Nike Blazer’s which he says he will get to us “quick-quick.”  As concepts of the sneaker were posted on Instagram, with a caption that read "They Skate,” we discover that Virgil also intends for his sneaker designs to cater to the skater community. Although we have an idea of what the sneakers will look like, there is no say on exactly how soon these designs will begin to roll out as final design edits are still being made. 

off white x nike blazer

Off White x Nike Blazer

In April of 2018, Virgil escorted Kendall Jenner to the 2018 MET Gala where he was sporting his soon-to-be-released rendition of the Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro high ‘UNC’ whose colors are representative of the University South Carolina’s school colors. The sneakers are expected to hit shelves by June 9th with a price tag of $190. 


Here are a few more Off White x Nike sneaker concepts and prices set to be released this year, so keep a lookout!



Sneaky Virgil had us thinking that Timberland and Nike were the only two significant shoe collaborations we would expect this year, but he surprised his in May of 2018 with the surprise release of his Off-White x Converse - slay. ‘Icey’ is the perfect word to describe this sneakers dope design. This translucent sneaker features a deconstructed silhouette and an ice blue gradient on the sole. The sneaker features a bold type font of the word "Vulcanized" along the midsole and the word "Shoelaces" down the body of the laces. The sneakers are just overall creative and retail for only $130. I need.

To Catch more of Virgil's designs, look to spot the red zip tie which has become synonymous with Ablohs designs.