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A/W 2018 Fashion Week Recap

This fashion week was filled with frills and thrills as I rushed in and out of shows and into new friendships! This Fashion week I attended ten amazingly unique shows that I can’t wait to cover and bring to you all soon! 


The greatest part of this fashion week had to be the new relationships I made. In the midst of all the fashion, I ran into some amazing women who I got a chance to build a great relationship with. These girls made transitioning through the various shows that much more fun and seamless. They helped push me into new situations I would have second guessed otherwise. I couldn't have done it on my own and I thank them! :) 

Serée @SoSeree, Gaelle @Gaelle_Gerome, Dorothy @Belkreyol12

Serée @SoSeree, Gaelle @Gaelle_Gerome, Dorothy @Belkreyol12


With Fashion week spilling into valentines day I thought I’d be stuck feeling like the ‘lone ranger,’ but right before I let my insecurities get the best of me, God sent a few angels my way to pull me out of my funk. These ladies helped me to curb my single thoughts and embrace my beauty just as they did with themselves, and man are they gorgeous! These ladies are taking over the world of fashion blogging one photo at a time. With each one having their own creative niche, coming together only enhanced their brands while complimenting the next. It’s like we were meant to find each other and come together the way we just clicked! It was amazing  to experience that everywhere we walked, everyone felt our vibrations and wanted a piece of our black girl magic*  

The Girls that Took Over Fashion Week

Left to Right: Serée, Chinyere , Amanda, Oriane

Left to Right: Serée, Chinyere , Amanda, Oriane



Chllin' With @The_Real_Chi

Chinyere is someone I love going behinds the scenes with! A true partner in crime! As my team member for YHM Magazine, we were sent to cover the Leanne Marshall show and honestly had a blast!


Chinyere can be found traveling the world with her focus and loyalty being to enhance the views of African fashion. She's easily the most considerate person I've ever met, who is constantly checking to make sure everyone has what they need and are feeling happy!

She even put me on to my new favorite: a Blush latte with coconut milk! lol who knew!!


Head over to check out her page!


Gettin' Fly with @AmandaFinesse


Amanda knows details ! This Woman right here can spot fashion a mile away. She knows her angles and how to carefully match pieces to create the perfect look. I Ran into, and met her at Leanne Marshalls A/W NYFW 2018 show and can't get enough of her sincerity. Can't wait to get more fashion tips from her !!

Head over to Check out her page!


Feeling Empowered with @MyFashionBreak


I don't even know where to start with this one right here!

This french native, Oriane,  stole my heart this fashion week with her elegance and down to earth swag. She has a heart of gold and such a welcoming spirit! I was blessed to have run into her twice, and each time we found ourselves laughing too hard from all quirks and funny moments. 

We couldn't walk more than two steps without an entourage of photographers preying after a photo of this black panther queen!! I mean come on, She's Gorgeous - with the personality to match! 

REAL FRIENDS GET ALL YOUR BEST ANGLES! That's what you see happening in this collage. Oriane going above and beyond to make sure Amanda was shot in her fullest potential! Real Love! Real Dedication! Loyalty!! Get you an Oriane on your team! 

The F in french isn't silent.



But then there's the Elite. These are the women who have already established their places in both media and society while paving the way for the women like the ones above, and myself, to be able to continue doing what they love. As women, we should be here for each other and that's exactly what these two icons exemplify. I was amazed by their glow and openness to share love and conversation with me in the middle of the busy rush of photographers - and fashion week in general.

For those of you wondering who this is, it is none other than Allison Elizabeth Brown (@allisonelizabethbrown) , the Creator and Editor in chief at TheLadyLovesCouture. This is a fashion and lifestyle blog created by Marjorie Harvey (@marjorie_harvey) !! 

And lets not forget that I got a change to meet Ms. Michaela Angela Davis ! Read more about this encounter in my previous article : "OMG Michaela Angela Davis "

And lets not forget that I got a change to meet Ms. Michaela Angela Davis ! Read more about this encounter in my previous article : "OMG Michaela Angela Davis "


I’m truly blessed and humbled by the entire NYFW experience and can’t wait to share more! 2018 is going to be a great year of learning, self-discovery, and FASHION! I definitely have my work cut out for me and I'm excited to see how I transform everything I've learned into tangible manifestations. Stay tuned as I Continue to share this Journey with you all!


The Shows I Attended: 

Style Fashion Week : Mint Swim By Draya Michelle

Oxford Fashion Studio : Colour By Nandi Madida

Nolcha Shows : Seven Crash

Nolcha Shows : Lavanya Coodly

Nolcha Shows : Stevenson University

NYFW Art Hearts Fashion : Mister Triple X

NYFW Art Hearts Fashion : DiVampCouture

NYFW Art Hearts Fashion : Nidal Nouaihed

Calvin Luo 

Leanne Marshall