6 Eyeliners you can use to replicate Lucy Boyton's dramatic eye

Lucy Boyton’s Dramatic Eyeliner Look

Bohemian Rhapsody star Lucy Boyton went to the 2019 SAG awards with a dramatic eyeliner that added another layer of sophistication to her look. Once Boyton’s trendy look came across this years carpet, we instantly knew it was a look worth trying!

What makes this cool so great is that it’s easy to accomplish. The key is to make sure that your eyebrows are prepped. Notice i said prepped, because this style doesn’t necessarily require a put together look. Boyton is giving us a minimal and refreshing look that does just enough.

Taking your liquid eyeliner, Create an effortless semi circle stroke that follows the curvature of your brow line. After outline the bottom inner corner of your eyes and apply your mascara. And that’s all it takes to achieve this stellar look!

Note: I plan on trying this look with different colors and hairstyles as an added effect that takes the outfit up a notch!

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Check out these 6 great eyeliners that are both pigmented and affordable! These EyeLiners can help you to achieve Lucy Boyton’s Celebrity look.

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